Social Chemistry

Atoms and moelcules have thoughts, feelings,  and express themselves.  The atomic, molecular humanoid   acts as a message display vehicles.   Thus we have Nature's equation:  
chemistry  ---> social chemistry

Some tragic human EVENTS can be explained in terms of the periodic atom table.
These are the deeper levels of REALITY underlying  a tragic signaling EVENT.

The periodic  atomic table has many formats of expression.  One such FORMAT are  humans comprised of atoms and molecules.

Do humans have  thoughts and feelings?  
What is the origin of those expressions?


What is a human CHILD?  It is a CH organic molecule expression device of C = Carbon and H = Hydrogen.  

What is the CHA in Chicago?  It is the Carbon Hydrogen ATOMIC   housing experiment  under the auspices of the Chicago Housing Authority. Ask a theoretical chemist  about Nature's EARTH LAB protocol.

What is a professor? Professor --> Pro + fe  --->  26 protons and the  26 atomic alphabet letters of Fe = Ferrous oxide IRON atom.


Let's explore the  life of  atomic and molecular entities    and  bypass the SECRET communications control societies.