Covalent bond war and the Cole Hall student casualties


Humans are composed of molecules supplied by Nature's systems engineers ..... that engage in physical biology engineering, brain engineering,  human behavior engineering, thought engineering, English language symbols engineering,  science equations and formula, and  social engineering.

These various projects  of Nature are applied to experimental subsets of  human.   Actual testing is common science lab protocol  ..... Nature  uses  EARTH LAB wiith  humans and human groups.


For example, the famous  Benjamin LEWIN clincal trial  in gene social languages  and cell social expression experiments was the clinical TRIAL  of President Clinton via  Hollywood brain manipulation technology with Santa Monica BLvd, and Lewin(sky).

 We live in an interesting intellectual world  ....with many puzzles about daily life that are in newspaper reports. Newspapers often  print an incomplete explanation of a tragic event;  providing a  basic algebra / science puzzle for arm-chair amateur detectives with  basic math, biochemistry, chemistry, physics college textbooks as reference books.


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